Alternative Advent Calendars 2020

22 November, 2020

With so many different Advent Calendars available for 2020, we take a look at some of our favourites to count down towards Christmas!

Vegan’s rejoice! Mummy Megan Advent Calendar (120g RRP £4.99). Packed with delicious, high quality Smoove Moove chocolates; the new Smoove Moove blend combines smooth dairy-free milk chocolate with deliciously creamy dark chocolate for an irresistible combination that melts in the mouth.

The cute picture on the front has a story too, a little robin which appeared as Willow and Meagan Boyle, founders of the brand, sat in their garden during lockdown designing the range. This little fellow is sure to catch eyes in shops and homes around the country.

The calendar is available to buy now from (direct link here) and in Holland & Barrett stores.

Melissa and Doug have come up trumps this year with their gorgeous Countdown to Christmas Wooden Advent. It includes a magnetic wooden shaft and 24 magnetic decorations together with a star for the top of the tree. You can store the pieces away in the box to keep them for years to come. Buy it online here.

For more creative family members, you can’t go wrong with Aquabeads! Similar to iron-on-beads, Aquabeads magically join together by just spraying them with water. Mess free and great fun, the contains 25 surprises to make 15 Christmas creations. Buy now for RRP£19.99 here.

Countdown to Christmas in spectacular style this year with our Premium Pink Gin Advent Calendar. Together, the 12 treats will take you on a journey of fantastically pink gin exploration and what in the world could be better than that!? But online here.

This advent calendar contains:

  • 1 x Beefeater Pink Strawberry Flavoured Gin, 5cl (37.5% ABV)
  • 1 x Tiptree English Raspberry Gin Liqueur, 5cl (40% ABV)
  • 1 x Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin, 5cl (40% ABV)
  • 1 x Coastal Distillery Watermelon Gin, 5cl (37.5% ABV)
  • 1 x Pinkster Raspberry Gin, 5cl (37.5% ABV)
  • 1 x Whitley Neill Pink Grapefruit Gin, 5cl (43% ABV)
  • 1 x Edgerton Original Pink Gin, 5cl (43% ABV)
  • 1 x Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin, 5cl (40% ABV)
  • 1 x Coastal Distillery Strawberries & Cream Gin, 5cl (37.5% ABV)
  • 1 x Shelly’s Raspberry Ripple Gin Liqueur, 5cl (23% ABV)
  • 1 x Gordon’s Pink Gin, 5cl (37.5% ABV)
  • 1 x Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin, 5cl (37.5% ABV)

Protein Ball Co. Advent Calendar, containing 24 individual protein balls in a range of tasty flavours. All are 100% natural with no added sugar and made from high quality ingredients. Available from

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