Council Voting on Thursday in Southborough

Voters in Southborough and High Brooms go to the Polls on Thursday with some Tunbridge Wells Borough Council seats and all the seats on Southborough Town Council up for grabs.

Town Hall crop

In the Southborough North Borough Council ward, the sitting Borough councillor Trevor Poile is standing down from one of the two seats in the ward. Last year the Liberal Democrat, Brendon Le Page was elected to the other seat with a majority of 26 votes over the Conservative.

This time there is a choice of 5 candidates to vote for on Thursday 4th May:

Labour: Martin Betts
Conservative: Sarah Bridges
Tunbridge Wells Alliance: Jon Farina
Green Party: Sue Lovell
Liberal Democrats: Joe Opara

If you want to hear what the five parties are proposing in the Borough, you can watch extended interviews with their representatives on the following YouTube links.  Part 1 has the views of the Conservative opposition leader, Tom Dawlings and the Liberal Democrat leader of the council, Ben Chapelard:

Part 2 has interviews with Hugo Pound from Labour, Lucy Willis from the Tunbridge Wells Alliance and Geoff Mason from the Green Party. The Green Party is standing in all Borough seats for the first time.

Meanwhile in the Southborough and High Brooms Borough Council ward, there are another 5 candidates for the vacant seat. Luke Everitt won for Labour with 50% of the vote four years ago but he is standing down. The other two councillors in the ward who don’t face a vote this time are Dianne Hill and Alain Lewis – both from Labour.

The choice of 5 candidates to vote for on Thursday 4th May in Southborough and High Brooms is:
Labour: John Francis
Green Party: David Holton
Tunbridge Wells Alliance: Paul Johnson
Conservative: Misha Mitchem
Liberal Democrat: Yvonne Raptis

Civic centre

Votes are taking place at the same time for the Southborough Town Council which owns Southborough Common and the Civic Centre (above). There are 18 Town Councillors. The Town Council wards are divided into 3 areas:

Southborough Town – West Ward has 5 seats but only 4 candidates were nominated.  So John Francis, Jason Reeves, Rick Stewart and Mandy Wharton have already been elected for Labour.

Southborough Town – North Ward has 8 candidates for 7 seats.  There are 6 Conservatives (Harry Allen, James Allen, Sarah Bridges, David Elliott, Ian Kinghorn and Olwyn Kinghorn). There are 2 Liberal Democrats (Joe Opara and Trevor Poile)

Southborough Town – East and High Brooms Ward has 9 candidates for 6 seats. There are 6 from Labour (Alan Bullion, Brian Dury, Spike Figgett, Dariel Francis, Dianne Hill and Alain Lewis).  There are 3 Conservative candidates (Nkem Ituludiegwu, Nasir Jamil and Saloni Shukla).

Meanwhile, in Tonbridge and Malling Borough, the Conservatives are fighting to keep control.  You can hear the arguments of the five parties there on this YouTube link:

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