Top Christmas Gifts 2020

27 November, 2020

We look at some of the top Christmas Gifts for children younger and older for 2020.

Disney frozen and princess fans alike will be truly captivated by some of the offering available this year! We are particularly taken by the Playdate Collection from Frozen 2, including this stunning Nokk!

A beautiful representation of the Water Spirit from Disney+ Frozen 2, Light-Up Water Nokk features motion-activated lights and sounds and is completely poseable. Majestic and graceful, Water Nokk is a mix of glitter-infused translucent blue and white that allow its’ captivating light show to shine through.

Touch the Water Nokk’s forehead or sit on its back to see its body transform from water to ice through a captivating display of colour-changing lights and sounds. If you pull on the reins, Nokk will suddenly freeze. Playdate Water Nokk stands at over 2.5ft and supports up to 70lb. Buy online here.

True Frozen fans will also love the Frozen 2 Elsa doll. Dressed in her dark sea dress, Elsa features 11 points of articulation, pose her arms to show her signature power pose, to watch blue snowflake lights run down her arms and out her palms, accompanied by powerful freezing sounds. Ice Powers Playdate Elsa has the power to transform her trusted companion, Disney+ Frozen 2 Playdate Water Nokk, from water to ice through her touch. Place Elsa’s right arm on Water Nokk’s forehead and see this transformation occur. Buy Elsa online here.

Creative children will love the new range from Crystal Art. From sticker sets to notebook sets and even picture frame sets, there is a super range to choose from. (See range here).

We love the crystal art notebook, with a Santa theme. Similar to painting by numbers, this crystal art notebook design has a numbered, adhesive template. Using the magic pick up pen (included), simply lift up the coloured crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots.

They affix instantly and look absolutely stunning! Get the Santa one here or find out more here.

Gemex have some fantastic creative gifts too, including the Starter Set and the Deluxe Creation Station.

Make your own unique gems with the GEMEX Deluxe Creation Station! GEMEX magically sets from gel to gems in just a few minutes! The Deluxe Creation Station has everything you need to make up to 100 gorgeous gems and then turn them into hairclips, necklaces, keychains and much more.

Using the special trays, create your gems by carefully squeezing the liquid magic into the shapes and adding decorations. Then put the tray into the shell light and let it work its magic. After 3 minutes you can simply pop the gems out of the mould and admire your creations!

You can buy Gemex from Argos, Amazon, Smyths and Toymaster.

If the little people in your life are into all things science, make sure you check out the latest range from John Adams. These super sets come with clear instructions about how to conduct the experiments at home, as well as the method and science behind what you’re doing. (Please note, you may need some household items to do the experiments).

Make glittery bath jellies; grow a sparkly crystal geode; create a strawberry scented fragrance jar for your bedroom; experiment with slime and light up your creations in the nightlight and make your own Mystic Ball.

Supporting National Curriculum learning, these super sets offer creative, educational fun. This set allows you to use an optical illusion to build a secret magic photo box; make secret coding bracelets for you and a friend; use mirror messaging and make invisible inks.

You can also decipher the secret coded message in a water fizzer; understand circuits and personalise a motion sensor room guard, complete with a recorded message function!

This super gross set helps you to understand how your body works. Learn how farts are produced and make a bouncing poo! Understand digestion and how your bladder pees; experiment with slime and make your own disgusting pus ball; make fake blood and see it congeal; plus create a vomiting skull and much more!

These sets are available from Argos, Amazon, Toymaster and Grattan.

Hot Wires is the ultimate in plug and play electronics. Simply snap together the component blocks and discover 100 action packed experiments involving light, sound and movement.

Build a real flying disk, a working FM radio with automatic station selection, a lie detector to test your friends, a burglar alarm to keep your valuables safe, sound effects and lots more! The colourful, easy to use instruction booklet guides you into the wonderful world of electronics. You can get yours from Amazon, Argos and Smyths.

Board games come into their own at Christmas, and there is a huge range to choose from to suit every age range.

Older family members will love the latest offering from Escape Room – giving you the thrill of an Escape Room in your own home! Explore three different games: Panic on the Titanic, Dawn of the Zombies and Alice in Wonderland. Find the clues, solve the mysteries to escape. Buy online here.

Windy Knickers is the perfect board game for Christmas 2020

Guaranteeing laughs-a-plenty is Windy Knickers! This is the silly spinning, granny giggling, windy washing game! For 2-4 players, can you be the fastest to hang out your washing and win?! Available from Very, Argos, Amazon, Toymaster, Smyths and The Entertainer.

Another fun game to get all the family involved in is Pose Off, as seen on How To Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield!

This quick to learn game will have you striking poses whilst shouting out answers! All players hold the pose on their coloured mat and take turns to do the challenge. But be careful, if you repeat an answer, stumble from your pose or leave your mat, you’re out!

Be the last one standing to win the pose card. Available from Argos, and Amazon.

Another fun, fast family game to get you moving is The Floor is Lava! Turn every floor into an exciting lava jumping adventure. Spin for your colours and race to safety, across the different mats!

Remember! DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR! Be the last player standing to win! Buy from Argos here.

Snax the sloth is the perfect gift for Christmas 2020

We are totally smitten with Snax the Sloth! This totally adorable little creature is our favourite sleepy sloth and cuddly friend! Snax hails from New York City, and is used to living life in the fast lane, but very slowly!

With super long arms that bend, he can hold on to just about anything and give great cuddles too! Snax’s eyes and mouth move when he talks, and if you say something to him, he will repeat it back in sloth speak!

Make sure Snax is joining you this Christmas by picking him up from Argos, Smyth’s, Amazon, Toymaster or Grattan.

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