Wanted! New Name for Southborough Hub

The mayor of Southborough, Cllr Alain Lewis, has said the new community building under construction that is currently known as the “Southborough Hub” will have a new name suggested by residents.

Cllr Lewis told Southborough News: “There should be community engagement to decide on the name, so we are open to suggestions.”

The latest pictures of the building under construction are supplied by Cllr Nick Blackwell and are shown on this blog. The complex will contain a large doctors’ surgery, a replacement KCC library, a hall, meeting rooms and offices for Southborough Town Council.

Cllr Lewis insisted the building would not be given the Hub title when it opens.

He said he welcomed suggestions emailed to the council which would be: “Something with context to Southborough and what the people of Southborough want to call the building.”

Cllr Lewis said: “It could have historical relevance or a contemporary name we have not thought of. There’s plenty of talent in Southborough and High Brooms to surprise us I think.”

The mayor’s email address is:

Cllr Lewis also updated Southborough News about progress of the building, revealing that despite disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hub was on schedule for completion in Spring next year, probably being ready in April 2021.

Cllr Lewis stated: “There was an initial delay in getting parts from Germany, but they’ve been going great guns in building it.”

Asked about the chances of events being held in the Hub similar to the pantomime held in the Royal Victoria Hall every year before it was demolished, Cllr Lewis said: “That’s the plan.”

But he said it was too early to say whether there would be any event in Christmas 2021. He said: “There’s still plans that still need to be made to ensure that all the activities that were promised can take place in the Hub.”

The Hub is currently being built by Paddock Wood based builder Baxalls under the direction of Kent County Council officials, but the complex will be handed over to Southborough Town Council shortly after completion.

The Hub was the brainchild of the previous Conservative controlled Council which lost power in local council elections last year. Cllr Lewis is from the Labour group.

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