Trinity Theatre

Trinity Theatre and Arts Centre is situated inside the historic Holy Trinity Church building in Tunbridge wells.


Trinity Theatre


The building was designed by the renowned Victorian architect Decimus Burton and is central to his architectural vision, which as Marc Girouard describes in his letter to Tunbridge Wells Council regarding the impending demolition of the building; ‘The civilized life, based on friendly, liveable-in houses grouped round public buildings that are not too large in scale, amid open spaces that bring the country into the town.


From the very beginning, Trinity has been a community endeavour. The church came into being as a result of a residents’ application to the Church Commissioners Fund for new churches in 1818.

Burton, who was already designing villas in Calverly Park agreed to design the building. £10,591 was raised for the construction of the building and local sandstone from Calverly quarry was used and Mr Barrett, a local builder, laid the first stone in 1827.

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