Conservative Peter Oakford Wins His County Council Seat by Just 1%

The Kent County Council seat of Tunbridge Wells North – which includes Southborough – has been won by the Conservatives, with Peter Oakford narrowly holding his seat by just 80 votes, after many voters switched from the Liberal Democrats to Labour.

The Conservative lead over Labour was 35% to 34%, with an increased turnout from four years ago.

The Green party candidate, Anthony Hoskin, added to his tally from the last election, taking 11% or 611 votes.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives have held their position in control of Kent County Council as a whole, with all 6 of the Tunbridge Wells area seats staying Conservative.

Cllr Oakford (below) was voted off the Borough Council two years ago but is still a powerful figure in the County Council as Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance, Corporate and Traded Services.

Peter-Oakford crop

The full results for Tunbridge Wells North (including Southborough) which had a 42 % turnout were:

MAY 2021
Peter Oakford Con 2,048 35%
Mike Tapp Lab 1,968 34%
Aqab Mehmood Malik LibDem 1,057 18%
Anthony Hoskin Green 611 11%
Christine Marshall UKIP 127 2%
Total votes 5,811

The results in 2017 were:

MAY 2017
Peter Oakford Con 2,017 42%
Martin Betts Lab 1,248 26%
Marguerita Morton LibDem 1,172 25%
William O’Shea UKIP 215 4%
Anthony Hoskin Green 128 3%
Total votes 4,780

The Borough Council results will be announced tomorrow with the Conservative overall majority in Tunbridge Wells in the balance.

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